About AUM Hearing Aids Center & Hearing Clinic

AUM is the brain child of Hearing Solutions that has treated thousands of patients with hearing loss. AUM is a comprehensive clinic for hearing and speech disorders. It is a one of a kind fully equipped clinic that can treat all kinds of hearing loss and numerous speech disorders like stuttering and cluttering. We provide the latest hearing aids and the latest therapies to improve the quality of life with better hearing and better speech.

Hearing loss is one of those conditions that are mostly neglected by people until it reaches a point where one cannot listen to normal conversations properly. Most of the patients are embarrassed with their condition and find it difficult to cope with normal life. Speech disorders also have a similar effect on patients leaving them psychologically wrecked.

AUM is a specialty clinic that has been conceived to cater to these two disorders with special emphasis to hearing and speech disorders in infants. We provide a wide range of treatments with the help of highly experienced audiologists and therapists.

Our mission is to provide a better quality of life to all the patients with hearing problems and speech disorders. We use the latest technology aids and therapies to do this and have a successful track record of more than 35 years.