Infrastructure & Facility

AUM is a specialized unit of hearing solutions pvt ltd. A state of the art centre, it offers world class services in Audiology, Speech and Language services with most advanced technology and experienced specialists.

Our Audiologists and Speech language Pathologist’s experience and expertise, integrated team approach, superior outcomes and the excellent infrastructure make AUM an ideal choice. Our professionals undergo regular training to keep them updated with the latest technology.

The clinic is equipped with highly sophisticated diagnostic equipment from GN Otometrics which is considered as pioneer manufacturer of Hearing and Balance Disorders equipments world wide.

The Dual channel clinical audiometers which can help in performing High Frequency Audiometry, Special tests which help in diagnosis of cochlear pathology and retro cochlear pathology, Tinnitus Evaluation, Speech in Noise Tests which help in diagnosing Central Auditory processing Disorders apart from Pure tone Audiometry.

Especially for pediatric hearing evaluation the setup is equipped with Visual Response Audiometry system, which is helpful in evaluating hearing of children aged between 6months to 2 years. This setup helps further in Hearing aid Fittings as this test results are taken as baseline for follow up sessions after hearing aid fitting.

The Clinic is facilitated by the Clinical Impedance Audiometer which can perform Multi Frequency Tympanometry, High Frequency Tympanometry, Reflex Decay Measures and Eustachian Tube Function Test apart from the Tympanometry with Reflexometry

Vestibular Evaluation

The speciality setup for vestibular disorders at AUM have specialized equipment for Vestibular disorder evaluation which include Vertigo or Dizziness, Imbalance or In stability. The setup has facilities for Video Head Impulse Test(VHIT), cervical and ocular Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials (cVEMP & oVEMP), Electro Cochleography(ECochG), Auditory brainstem Responses(ABR), Aditory Steady State Responses(ASSR), Oto Acoustic Emission (OAE), Tympanometry and Audiometry and other tests relevant for accurate diagnosis of Vestibular disorders.

This setup is first of its kind with all the diagnostic services for vestibular disorder evaluation under one roof

Real Ear Measurements

Real ear measurements are done to check weather hearing aid is providing ample amplification across as many frequencies as possible based on patients audiogram. At AUM we are equipped to perform Real-ear measurements.

As said by renowned Scholar in Audiology Dr. James Jerger “Its sin to do hearing aid fitting for children without Real Ear Measurements.”

Hearing aid trail

Different companies provide different technologies in hearing aids, to select the best technology suitable for you is the biggest task. Rather than listening to what your Audiologist is telling about technology it is always better to experience the technology before u select the product.

AUM has taken initiative to create an environment where the individual can have sound experience likewise his daily routine(speech from all sides, television, distant speech, conversations with family members etc.) so that he/she can judge better what hearing aid technology is best suiting.

Speech and Language Services

As part of its endeavour to bring the latest and advanced care to the common man, AUM has started the Speech and Language Clinic. The department has acquired the latest equipment and expertise for conducting these special services.

Professional Voice care

Unlike other speech problems Voice evaluation should be done both perceptually and objectively. We at AUM offer objective analysis of voice which helps in finding out the quality and quantitative features of voice. We also provide objective therapeutic methods for voice disorders. It facilitates speedy and accurate diagnosis of voice disorders At AUM we (voice care team) provides care to anyone with voice problems – all professions, all ages.

The speech sciences lab is equipped with computer based assessment software which can give real time voice analysis. To make children interested in attending voice therapy the computer based programs have visual reinforcement. For adults also the visual feedback helps a lot in prognosis of therapy

Pediatric Friendly environment

For a child to attend therapy can be scary, but environment modification has great impact on child’s experience and outcomes. The therapy rooms are made more activity based by creating the different concepts (like Kitchen setup). The Auditory verbal therapy room can accommodate a Group therapy sessions which can improve the outcomes of therapy.

We have play area which is equipped with a slider, wall maze chase, play table with different kinds of puzzles and also many other informative and interactive play material where children can get relaxed.