Pediatric Hearing Evaluation & Rehabilitation

Children, including newborns, are prone to hearing loss and it is very important to diagnose it early on and provide treatment in order to avoid further complications. AUM offers comprehensive treatments for pediatric hearing loss. We have a separate team to treat pediatric hearing loss that involves separate diagnostics and provision of hearing aids.

Pediatric hearing loss can be due to various reasons including:

With special diagnostics a pediatric hearing evaluation is performed. These tests include:

After evaluating the cause of the hearing loss, treatment options are prescribed. These include provision of hearing aids and Auditory Visual Therapy (AVT). AVT is a special therapy that is designed to teach a child to use the hearing aid or cochlear implant. Children are taught to use their hearing as an active sense and learn to listen and talk. They learn active communication with listening and speaking. This enables them to learn, get educated, socialize and lead a normal life.

If your child is suffering from a hearing loss, book an appointment at AUM today for a thorough evaluation and treatment!